Former Miss Mexico 2005, Miss International 2007, IIN Nutritionist, Lifestyle Blogger.


Who wrote a life manual saying you can only pursue one passion?!

Miss Mexico 2005, Miss Universe top 10 finalist, Miss International 2007. These were the titles that staged me for my journey ahead. I never imagined where this road would lead me or how my life would become a series of fresh new beginnings time and time again.

To create something new, to express myself and to shake hands with a diverse crowd throughout my life were the things I mostly aimed for. So it all started when I won the Miss Mexico crown back in 2005 which yanked me out of my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. I’ve travelled much ever since, exploring all possibilities within me.

I then got into acting which was good for artistic expression (not to mention dramatic venting!), and TV Hosting allows me to keep connecting to audiences interested in different lifestyle topics.

Why real estate? I sought a new challenge in business and this industry¬†gave me just that. Every home tells a different story and offers a new beginning, Everybody has a life script to carry out. I’m just lucky to be part of the matchmaking process.

My creativity also flows in the kitchen when I get to improvise new dishes and recipes. Health and beauty have always been my biggest pursuit and nutrition is part of it. Expressing love and good energy through cooking is one of my most treasured rituals, so let’s share some healthy eats while we’re at it! I got certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and it has been the course of a lifetime. To love ourselves in an art form.

Writing is my therapeutic hobby so I blog about lifestyle in general from health and fitness to fashion and events, etc. Being a Miami resident gives me lots to talk about, trust me. =)