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Entrevista Mundo Hola donde Priscila Perales habla sobre su vida y la Dra. Maribel Pedrozo aplica tratamientos faciales que ofrece en Biobell Oriental Spa.

“Biobell Oriental Medspa treated me to amazing skin care treatments, and you can get yours, too.”

Hola TV!’s producer Maria Jose Guzman covered the spa session last week to let her audience know about the latest on skin care.

Check us out this Tuesday, December 13 on DirecTV’s Hola TV channel 430 at 9pm (ET).


  • Apple and rose petal Stem Cells and diamond mask activated with LED lights.
  • Deep facial cleanse mask
  • Vitamin rich scrub
  • Stem cell drops with ultrasound activation
  • Aminoacids and oxygen treatment
  • UV ray protection cream to seal

Dr. Maribel Pedrozo (The Beauty Alchemist®) applied all sorts of advanced and vitamin packed treatments for a more youthful appearance and to boost collagen, and oxygen levels on my skin.

Thank you Biobell Oriental Medspa!

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El conductor Jaime Bayly entrevista a Priscila en Miami.   PARTE 1:
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