Why is golf cart insurance a new thing?


TAMPA, Fla. – Feb. 3, 2017 – American Integrity Insurance Company, a Florida-based insurance provider, recently launched a golf cart insurance program, claiming it’s the only Florida-based homeowners insurance company out of more than 50 that offers standalone coverage. The golf cart insurance policy has similar coverage types as auto insurance policies.

In Florida, anyone over the age of 14 may drive a golf cart without a driver’s license:

Golf cart policy coverage

Property damage liability coverage: This coverage helps pay for damage to another person’s property – like a car or house – if the golf cart driver is found legally responsible for an accident.
Injury liability coverage: This helps pay the medical bills of another person who suffers injuries if the golf cart driver is found legally responsible for an accident.
Collision coverage: This pays for the golf cart’s repairs if it collides with another cart or object in an accident, regardless of fault.
Comprehensive coverage: This helps repair a golf cart if it is accidently damaged – such as through fire or theft, for example – versus damage caused by a collision.
Customers can select from several deductible options for both collision and comprehensive coverage, and the policy can provide liability limits up to $500,000 under certain circumstances. The program features several discounts, including a discount for customers with proof of continuous coverage within the past six months.

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