Thinking about how I will break my bad habits brings me down to this conclusion: you don’t THINK yourself out of a bad habit, you ignore it altogether and focus on new, healthier habits. Getting cravings for fattening foods is not the problem. The problem is that you daydream about this food too much or rather deposit your focus on how you’ll manage to NOT eat the thing in a way in which your focus ends up in the same area you’re trying to stop focusing on which is the food or avoiding the food itself.


For everyone with some kind of unhealthy habit out there: your problem is not your disorder, your problem is your focus on your dis-ease and the fear, anxiety and obsession that overcoming it plagues you with. Nobody quit drinking because they focused on how drinking was suddenly prohibited. They quit drinking because they managed to find new meaning in their lives and a change of awareness took place. All of a sudden they were aware, dedicated and invested on the things that were worth staying sober for instead of being fully aware and obsessed on how on earth they’d get rid of their impulses to drink alone. The body heals itself, all you have to do is give it a chance by getting out of the way with your limiting thoughts and to keep thinking about the ailment limits you from the new, more promising life that awaits.


Desire brings about no results if it isn’t fueled by motivation and a new focus that redirects our attention to a new habit that replaces the old one. One must find things to feed the soul and to look forward to instead of waiting for destructive habits to poof and dissappear as if by magic. Magic is, indeed, possible, but we make magic happen with our efforts, not by waiting for it to show up on its own.


Effort is hard work, and hard work does not have to sound tedious. Hard work simply means repetition, not over-exertion. You get up and go and do the things you know you must do to attain something, and you do them over and over and over again to your best capacity. Doing things repeatedly forms new neural pathways in the brain that eventually become hard-wired and before you know it, you master the new activity because practice creates the master, and guess what? Mastery leads to excellence.


Make a list of all the things you desire for yourself and figure out which practice is required to master each one of them, and then get to work. Don’t think too much of how you will overcome your current persisting problem or resistance and focus instead on the new you that wants to be born and learn new tricks. This is called redefining yourself and redirecting your life and

it is absolutely possible for you; it is only a choice away. You’re in charge!



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