I asked myself this morning “Do we make things happen, or does life just happen to us?” So I began contemplating the idea of our divine Source and of our mighty minds. If our greater consciousness (you know, that Godly energy that gave you a heartbeat) just injects itself into our bodies to manifest and obey whatever’s already hardwired and robotized in our brains, then whatever the skunk happened to destiny? Whatever happened to the spiritual idea of our kids “choosing” us and their birthdays? If this intelligent source from where we all come from decides to surprise me with an unforseen situation, will it have been a result of my thinking or a result of… what? Why are there some women who try so hard to get pregnant and can’t yet others don’t even plan for it and conceive right away? Why are there some people out there who are noble at heart, healthy and fit and then get cancer? Why are there ultra-talented people begging for a job in the world while others not so talented people are being scouted and given a break all day er’ day?


I can understand that when we struggle and can’t get out of a rut it can be blamed on a subconscious blockage that isn’t allowing us to move forward. Not all intention gives way to results if we don’t get rid of the beliefs and fears that are hard-wired in our subconsciousness from our past and are keeping our intentions from manifesting, correct? So what about the people who just get lucky without asking for it? Not all great things are intended. I am of the belief that we intend to feel good, or feel bad, and as human beings we are prone to become addicted to these feelings because that is just how our sophisticated brains work and how our thoughts throughout our entire lives have chemically predisposed us in certain ways, kind of like rocket science… ha!


There’s another side of us, aside from our conscious minds, that decides what we want (or don’t want) to happen to us and that the divine energy of all existence obeys without us even taking notice. It is still a part of us, yet it is a part of us that we don’t visit or understand with our neocortex. So how do we get access to this enigmatic place within us? I have wanted many times before to bring my mop and broom to this unlit place within me and get to work on them dirty ass floors and surfaces that might be keeping me from progress. Some say to meditate, to be silent and to LISTEN to the answers that are in that silence. I’ve been silent before, and it’s fustrating. I am of the idea that there must be a different way of rewiring ourselves for success.


Lets say I have a block from the past where I was made to feel unworthy of love or validation and I dragged that insecurity all the way up to my adult existence. Whatever I was told, however I was treated or whatever I perceived made me feel ashamed, afraid, guilty or unworthy, and then those feelings gave my brain a command to register it all and keep it in my archives for future threats, right? “So whenever something looks/tastes/smells/feels or sounds even remotely close to how this all looked, tasted, smelled, felt or sounded, BE SURE TO WARM ME BRAIN!, because you betcha I’m gonna try to avoid it like the plague and run the other way.” This is how we survive, and in the case of us homo sapiens only the fittest minds survive because the mind that is plagued with fears and insecurities is bound to sabotage its future, hands down. This is how you get the allergies, anxieties and chronic illnesses and we end up thinking we were “born this way”… ummm.. NO. Our bodies are just obeying commands given to them from our past.


So how do we clean up all this mess from our childhood and even from generations past (we are born with our ancestor’s baggage, too)? Let’s say I feel a certain way, or someone or something else makes me feel a certain way, and it bothers me. Does talking or writing about it alone make it go away? Maybe talking about it WITHOUT JUDGEMENT could help, because in the end no one is responsible for how we feel except ourselves and the way we react to people or situations is defined not by what was said or done to us but rather by how our hard-wired brain with all of its past experiences and accumulated fears and insecurities decodes and interprets whatever’s going on in front of us. So let’s say we talk about how we feel and how much our feelings bother us and we take full responsibility for our choices and learn to dissolve our judgement of the world around us. Just typing this down gives me a sense of relief because it makes sense to me on many levels. I would call it active meditation as it allows us to OBSERVE our feelings without blame, shame or fear. Yeah… that’s more like the kind of therapy and meditation I can relate to.


So I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I probably diverted from the original question about destiny and if things happen to us or if we make them happen. I say we make them happen and the divine consciousness assists us or blocks us depending on our deeply rooted beliefs and encoded DNA. This is why we are born. This is our life’s purpose: to work on that lazy side of us that wants to stay human and prove to it that we are also made of super-human stardust with limitless potential. Amen.



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