jog challenge

deb34909c37a07ea140c11301d0653bcExercise is NOT over rated. It is a crucial part of being healthy, and if you have not added it to your daily routine, I challenge you to try this for thirty days.

Not only is running a killer leg workout, it also counts as meditation because it gets you in the zone (try to accustom yourself to jogging without headphones to fully connect with your body), it is an exercise that you can do RIGHT NOW, it works out your core big time, and it’s a habit that you can always fit into your day. This great exercise strengthens your joints, so no more “I have a bad knee” excuse. You can always start slow and work your speed up as you listen to your body’s cues, just make sure you go to your local athletic store and buy a pair of running shoes that best suit your feet. Some feet are pronated or under-pronated so having the right jogging shoe is of upmost importance to avoid any knee or leg injuries. Be disciplined but also smart with your body.

Another great reason to begin this jogging challenge is if you want to be part of a community. Go find your local Runner’s Club and start mingling with health-conscious people, people who are doing their bodies a huge favor.

30 minutes a day is all it takes. As I suggested, start slow and with no distracting headphones. It was hard for me to even grasp this idea at first because I thought I got my energy and motivation from my music playlist, but it’s not true at all! Focus on your heartbeat and breathing patterns as you jog, and you’ll discover how unbelievably therapeutic it becomes! The sense of accomplishment once you’re done with it is incredibly worth it, too. Go jog for thirty minutes a day for thirty days and, who knows? You might find in this a new passion, not to mention how amazing you will feel and how many excess weight pounds you might shed.





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