Miss Mexico 2005, Miss International 2007, Holistic Health Nutritionist, Author.


I am a former Miss Mexico, Miss Universe 2006 top 10 finalist and the first Mexican woman to win the Miss International title in 2007. I then felt dramatic and acted in hispanic soap operas for a few crazy, unstable years of my life after which I was able to say “Ok, I did that, next.” How did I end up certified as a holistic health nutritionist with a passion for cooking, healing habits and overall wellness? I was ready to heal.

No, my diploma did not turn me into a qualified health care professional, physician or medical practitioner of any kind and I am by no means a girl who thinks she has the right answers to and knowledge of all health and medical conditions, but through trial and error I was able to heal myself, and this alone inspired me to spread the word about my own personal findings on the topic of healing naturally and holistically.

Heal from what!? From the lows of my life such as anxiety, compulsions and depression. These are topics people prefer not to talk about, but we all deal with lows, and why not tackle them in wholesome, natural and loving ways? This is a virtual space where I honor this and share what I have learned from study and personal experience. By the way, the highs in life I have savored, but the lows I have learned to love as well because life is black and white, right? We all have our own personal struggles, and this gives us purpose and growth. It’s just easier when we support each other and share our struggles as well as our victories to uplift others.

I have discovered that we can’t just heal one part of ourselves and trash the others. We are body, mind and spirit and our destiny is defined by our habits. What we do to our bodies, the perceptions we hold in our minds and the emotions we embed in our hearts all define the current quality of our lives and we can’t ignore one or the other.

Miss Holistica is what I call the beauty queen within me that is now focused on living a wholesome life, and it all starts in my kitchen because health is wealth. I love cooking up meals that nourish the body, heart and soul. Happy to share my creations and findings with you!

xoxo – Priscila