Holistic: the sum of all parts (body, mind & spirit).

Elevate Your Frequency


* Please bear in mind that each bracelet is one of a kind so new designs are introduced each week. Nobody else will have the exact same replica of what you buy. Every purchased bracelet is removed from the site and a new design replaces it.

About Us


Holistic Approach

Healing happens when we take care of the whole, not just one of its parts. Holistic means the sum of all parts: body, mind and spirit. We are energy beings and gemstones pack on dense healing energy that cleanses our chakras.


Artisan Healing Bracelets

Hand made and thought out, each bracelet is carefully designed and put together to represent balance, beauty and elegance. 

Each gemstone is previously activated to help it assist our electromagnetic field. This is how gem stones heal us as they carry concentrated purifying energy.


Perfect Gift

Pamper yourself or your loved ones with these healing charms. We offers designs for him, her and for children. Feel free to place orders with specific preferences to suit your needs.


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